The ambulance provided

CATS FOR HARE, HARE FOR CATS … PARDOS CATS AT LAST This is the ambulance “UVI-MOBILE” has come today 9 November to Carmona’s Health Center … The can see with another “vehicle” of the SAS (a van behind), it was sent to doctors and nurses were to those neighborhoods to visit the sick … view it is worth to give us an idea of what “trafficking” SAS / PSOE to its professional … But let the UVI MOVIL … UVI MOVIL This is unlike the photos that appeared in the media, posing with the mayor, for use by carmonenses that atenci in needed a fast, efficient, equipped and trained personnel. The famous “DECU mask”, or rather, the famous ambulance UVI MOVIL disguised so that they all believed it was a DCCU, is still in SL Limancar craft, and that which has been repainted and has been placed on letterhead of the City Council to contribute to collective delusion … Why our “cute DECU disguised as” not yet This UVI MOBILE IS PROVIDED ON TIME, because, apparently, the UVI MOVIL City Hall (which posed next to Antonio Cano) could not be put into circulation yet, for lack of papers, they say.The UVI MOVIL Antonio Cano does not have papers or drivers, but with agility shows, not waiting for the “contest” that will award the driver seat has been “entrusted” to a private company (Ambulances Bravo, we are told) to provide drivers to drive the ambulance masked … But since this is still in storage with the necessities of his disguise, Bravo company, ready to provide not only has provided drivers, but, for now, has also provided an ICU MOBILE YELLOW (such as the tractor). ..We already know the costs for the municipality of this operation of “multiple medical loan, while the SAS laughs watching the competition council expenses assumed by the Board. Image: 7 October 2009.Mayor Carmona, Antonio Cano, along with the new ambulance, announcing that he would be operational within days. And if that were not enough, that citizenship of Carmona knows that the “UVI MOVIL DECU disguised, which is still in LImancar SL was assessed by the Public Health Emergency Service (created in 1994 by the Ministry of Health of the Board Andalusia) for about 840 euros given years of service thereof, the price at which the City acquired.

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