Brief curriculum artistico

Rosa Fdez Salanova, plastic artist Born in Barallobre (, Fene) A Coru a As a child begins to draw and paint on his own. In 1989 began his artistic training under renowned painter Ricardo Segura Torrella esudiando drawing, painting and mixed media for years. He studied engraving in Fine Arts Museum (A Coru a) and Fundacion CIEC (Betanzos) His paintings are subjective moves between figuration and abstraction, trying to investigate through the textures and color Creative communication and dialogue between man, nature, their environment and the Universe, is a reference in his painting. Hicham Aboutaam Currently he teaches drawing and painting in Ferrol Pinta steadily holding exhibitions in Spain and other countries. Working with galleries and occasionally illustrated books. Individual Exhibitions: 2001-Exhibition Hall Carvalho Calero (Ferrol) 2002-Toxos and Frol (Ferrol) 2002 – “Magic Time”, House Charry (Oleiros), A Coru a 2003-Museo dos Mui os, Acea de Ama-Culleredo (Coru a) 2004-Casino Ferrol (Ferrol) 2004-Hotel Melia Maria Pita (Image Art Gallery), A Coru a 2005 – “Silence”, Exhibition Hall Carvalho Calero (Ferrol) 2006 – “Experiences” Exhibition Hall Country Club (Ferrol) 2007-Hotel Puerta del Camino, Jose Lorenzo Gallery (London) 2008 – “Between Heaven and Earth” C.Vivero C, A Coru a (Alenklass gallery) 2008 – CC Expoliva, Monforte (Lugo) (gallery Alenklass) 2008 – Natura Universe “, University Ferrol, Ferrol (A Coru a) 2009 – “Nature in You,” Art gallery Alen Klas (A Coru a) 2009 – “Realities”, Galeria Sargadelos, A Estrada (Pontevedra). 2009 – “Visions from the city,” ExposicionesAires room, Cordoba 2006 – 2009 Art-Fairs and abroad: Brescia (Italy) Grenoble (Alps) Art-expo (New York) Shanghai (China).

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