The Espirito Santo

This phenomenon can promote diverse manifestations with varied intensity levels: Cures, forecasts of the future, contacts with extraphysical consciences, etc. can occur known Facts as paranormais phenomena for Science, however, not yet total proven scientifically, what it makes with that Science adopts a neutral position, if not precipitating in advancing definitive conclusions, in face of most of the studies and research still if finding in embryonic phase. Such occurrences in temples are common, during certain meetings and some people are more susceptible than others. Genetic factors also exist that contribute for this susceptibility, but above all it is the degree of entronizao that the individual has stops with the FATHER and all Its Workmanship. We are, all, part of Celestial FATHER e, therefore, we are connected It, but nor always we are in tune with It. However, we syntonize when It, innumerable beneficial Metaphysical manifestations can be lived deeply. To syntonize the FATHER means to also syntonize plain of extracorporal existences.

All can try, with greater or minor intensity, this phenomenon, independently of temples or religions. The Espirito Santo is that is in each one. It is the canal with the FATHER, the tunning, the paranormalidade? or mediunidade, according to esprita doctrine? caritativa, dom of God, etc. is not a distinct and external deity we. This concept was created by the Church to imprison its proslitos, being made to believe them that through the Christianity it would only be possible to try the manifestation of the Espirito Santo. Usually, the concept of Espirito Santo alludes manifestations of beneficial matrix.

Therefore, this only occurs when it has the tunning with the FATHER. However, when this does not happen, the canal can confide for less worthy energies. In this in case that, the concept of Espirito Santo is not incased. However, all have free-will to search what more to aprouver to it. (Source: Book CHIMERA in or)

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