The Feinstaubplakette And The Diesel Particulate Filter

The environmental disc is intended as a kind of indicator for the environmental friendliness of a vehicle. It is based on the new regulation, the particulate matter was decided in October 2006. It soon exist in many German cities, traffic zones, which may happen only cars with the required Feinstaubplakette, or threatens a substantial fine. The badge can be purchased for a sum of five euros to the approving authority, the MOT etc, if the car has entered a specific emission keys in the vehicle registration numbers to give a statement about the fine dust content in the exhaust gases. These may be among the key issues in the vehicle registration number one. The last two points make a statement about who the car belongs to emission class. Aboutaam There are 4 different groups of pollutants. All cars except in the first group of contaminants can get a fine plate. Excluded from the labeling are mopeds, motorcycles, machinery, agriculture and forestry vehicles, hospitals and medical carts, police,Fire brigade, civil protection, military vehicles and civilian vehicles on behalf of the Bundeswehr. There will also be discussed negotiations on special treatment for youngtimers and old timers, that is worth preserving vehicles are older than 25 years old. There is however a consent to be seen. A blockage of urban areas by means of Feinstaubplakette to prevent above all, that ozone levels continue to rise in major cities and represent an unmanageable problem. Especially older diesel vehicles without particle filters are a big problem here. One possible way to his car, despite a non-approved key number on a plaque, is a particle filter or catalytic converter can be retrofitted in the car. On some cars this is enough. Also by other changes in the values can be improved. Then the endless journey through the cities is also nothing to respond.

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