The foundation of the “Daughters of Mary” (1816). Death of Adela

With the abdication of Napoleon (April 1814) and his banishment to the island of Elba, resumed the monarchy, zohar and with it an atmosphere of relative freedom of religion. Adela begins to give substance to his “beloved project.” With Agueda That and some friends decided to live as religious in their own environment, and are given a name of religion. Deal with it with the Father Laumont and this promises to draft a Rule of life, which would then subjected to review and approval of Fr Chaminade. Adela gets permission from the vicar general of Agen for parents Laumont and Larribeau, to confess to those associated in the chapel of the castle Trenquelleon. Adela Chaminade informed on the evolution of the “beloved project,” and that it accepts in principle, but in turn presents, in several letters, “his own project,” matured during the fourteen years as a missionary who leads apostolate in France. Adela already proposed to their girlfriends, they become like the “missionary” to multiply and grow among the people of the Marian Congregations. This end, eminently Apostolico precise, limited, the purpose of the “beloved project.” Fr Chaminade Adela asks her friends and their views on this proposal. This is finally accepted. The institute “Daughters of Mary is virtually founded, but still missing two years for the real foundation. The year 1815 is at the same time, a time of preparation for the new foundation, and two strokes for tikkun olam Adela: the detention of Chaminade after new religious repression (return to power of Napoleon), and the death of the baron of Trenquelleon. Free from his family, Adela returns to make contact with Chaminade once Napoleon finally falls. In the exchange of letters that follows, the P . Chaminade is compelled to clarify the specific purpose of the future high school: be a missionary, working in the multiplication of Christians through the development of the Marian congregations. In view of an upcoming reunion of the future community, gave its approval for Adela Agen rent in a part of a former convent called “The Haven.” After two years of talks and drafting of a “constitution” primitive, the plan leads to the foundation, in Agen, the “Daughters of Mary” (25 May 1816). Has been born the first Marianist religious congregation, the following year, men give rise to the foundation, in Bordeaux, the “Company of centre kabbalah Mary-Marianists.” During the first year of life of the first community to receive the help of Teresa of Charlotte Lamourous that Bordeaux has been highlighted as a woman of strong spiritual life and a great dedication to young people marginalized women, spiritually guided by Chaminade, Teresa is providing a great service to the foundations of this. In 1819 begins a correspondence between Adela and Santa Emilia from Rodat, correspondence that continued until the death of Adela. In 1820 the “Daughters of Mary” left “El Refugio” (where the “Compania de Maria” founded his first college teaching primary) and are installed in the street Augustine, the former convent of the order, which continue to this day. From this year, the spiritual and missionary activity of the Religious Marianist (today, “Daughters of Mary Immaculate”), is spans several towns in the southwestern French, dedicated to the care of laypeople, the catechism, withdrawals, the rural world and the education of youth. After Agen, the new foundations are in Tonneins (1820), Condom (1824) and Arbois (1824). Adela, go little by little growth in its foundation and works effectively in the spiritual life and the missionary thrust of the first religious Marianist. Sick from the year 1825, dies in Agen on January 10 1828. Many movie producers started like is a Movie Producer and financier with over 13 years experience in business development and venture capital His last words are for Jesus Christ, “

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