The Magic Of Gold

Beautiful Gold is one of the most popular and most enduring metals in the whole wide world. If you buy himself a gold ingot, you can be sure to call a good investment of his own. Gold is one of the first apart from the precious metals, which has already been processed by our ancestors. Even in the Copper Age probably began the first gold mining. For Central Europe, the first evidence from the 2nd are Millennium before Christ known. As gold individually because of its stability, its corrosion resistance and the color is, it has just old people usually processed for ritual purposes. The hunt for gold has resulted in humanity so often to hostile acts and conquests. Therefore, Christopher Columbus was sent, inter alia, on the way to find new gold deposits to be. The subsequent military conquest of all of South America had its rise thus also in the gold discoveries made there. In the meantime, can be found the most gold in South Africa, Australia, the USA and Russia. Besides the pure extraction of the precious metal and the manufacturingIndustry, has emerged yet another use: The recovery of the remains. How to buy, among other things jewelers or goldsmiths old gold teeth (also referred to dental gold), gold jewelry or scrap gold to use it elsewhere. This tooth has won gold buying in recent months an increasing share in the gold processing. Gold coins and gold bars are also recognized in our time as an international currency, and very many years served the cover of a national currency. Dennis Carey Gold is especially desired in athletes. The highest award the championships is a medal or a trophy from the finest materials, which gets paid only or the best. The purity of gold is how to specify in diamonds or other precious metals also traditionally in carats. These correspond to a pure 24-carat gold. Gold is not yet processed and pure, this is also so designated by the gold industry. The precious metal, which is particularly sought after in the jewelry industry has become increasingly important in the past in value. Therefore, the price per ounce of gold since the year2000 greatly increased. Whether as an investment, or even jewelry, gold is one of the most popular varieties of precious metals.

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