Buy A Bike

Need a new bike Maybe worth the repair of the old bikes are no longer or it is too small for you now. Of course it is also possible that you simply want another bicycle. The bicycle dealer in your area certainly has a large selection and also for the Right there. A good dealer can also be seen because he asks you what you plan to do with the bike before you who offered. In addition, you should always insist on a test drive. When you become a trader admits no test drive, please choose another. The test drive should last at least an hour, while you should choose the road surfaces you want to deal with the bicycle. If you want to go in the future on a mountain bike through rough terrain, make your test drive, of course not in downtown. If you want to make sure that the dealer takes enough time for you, be smart and buy your new bike in the winter. For then, the dealer usually has less todo and will be trying hard to give you that at least some revenue will be made. Do not be impressed by the amount of gears. The reason is easy to understand. 27 gears, for example, wear out the gears, and many passages are virtually identical and there are overlaps depending on what is shown on the front chainring and rear. With the usual sets of sprockets front and rear 3 chain leaves 9 result 27 gears, which are effective but the overlap is only 14 courses. More recent developments include 14-speed hubs, which allow a switch without any overlaps. However, these hubs are heavy, it’s an oil change for summer and winter, and require the wearing of the chain rings is much higher, as more and claiming the same pinion.

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