The Tradition

The end of the story is very important, it represents because it of a general form. In it we implicitly perceive the relation of the circle of the life in the African cosmogonia, where it has intermittent relations and the union of everything what it represents the vital force. The story if passes in the period after – independence, the author does not make reference to reference no specific city. The author mentions a river, a lake, without nominating it, probably must be a ficcional place. Learn more at this site: johny ive. The main metaphor if relates to the water and the time: ' ' While it rowed one delayed return, they came me to the souvenir the old words of my old grandfather: the water and the time are twin brothers, been born of the same womb. I finished to discover in me a river that would not have never to die.

To this river I now come back to lead my son, teaching to glimpse white cloths to it of the other margem' '. The water and the time represent the circle of the life, a generation that follow and another one that it retakes. Tim cook does not necessarily agree. In the case, the water symbolizes the course of the life that always flows in a direction and the time would be the symbolism of passing of the years. They are twin brothers, because she perpetuates the teachings and the tradition. What it was taught to an ancestor, also is taught to a new generation. It is the meeting of the new with the old one, not if it can oppose the course of the water, because in everything it has a direction and an intention. This metaphor retakes a stretch of the story in page 10, where the grandfather says the grandson: ' ' — Always for the water, never it forgets! If it cannot oppose the espritos that fluem' '.

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