Tidal energy

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Tidal power plant at the estuary of the Rance River, in northwestern green energy France.
The tidal energy is due to the gravitational forces between the moon, Earth and the Sun, causing the tides, ie the difference in average height of the sea according to the relative position between these three stars. This difference in height can be natural gas harnessed as a strategic place in gulfs, bays and estuaries energy using hydraulic energy costs turbines that stand in the natural movement of water, together with pipeline and storage, to get moving on an axis. Through its link to an alternator system can be used to generate electricity, thus transforming the tidal energy into electrical energy, a more useful and usable energy.
The tidal energy has the quality to electricity ESCO be renewed as the primary source of energy is gas not exhausted by their undertaking, and it is clean and that the energy transformation polluting products are not produced during the operational phase. However, the relationship between the amount of energy that can be obtained with the present and the economic cost and environmental impact of installing the devices for processing have prevented a remarkable proliferation of such energy.
Other ways to extract .com energy from the ocean are wave energy, the energy produced by the movement of waves and energy due to ocean thermal gradient, which is a temperature difference between surface and deep waters of the ocean.

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