Seleccion de futbol Samoa


Samoa Football Federation
Technical Director
David Brand
Mayor goleador

More participatory.
((())) Mas shares
Classify. FIFA
175A th February 2008
Best place
146A th December 2007
“Worse place
191A in May 2007
First international game
1:3 Western Samoa Wallis and Futuna
Fiji – August 22, 1979
Samoa Cook Islands 1:2
Cook Islands – September 22, 1998
last international match
Samoa UPI Marker () (()) football team ((( UPI UPI
(((Place))) UPI – UPI (((Date)))
Samoa UPI Marcador2 ((())) football team (((UPI2 UPI2
UPI Lugar2 ((())) – (((date2))) UPI
Best result
8:0 Samoa American Samoa
Coffs Harbor, Australia – April 9, 2001
Samoa Marcador2 MV ((())) football team (((MV2 MV2
MV Lugar2 ((())) – (((date2))) MV
Worst result
Samoa Tahiti 0:13
Solomon Islands – July 13, 1981
Samoa Marcador2 () ((PD)) football team (((PD2 PD2
Lugar2 (((PD))) – (((PD date2)))
World Cup Soccer
No shares
Best result
(((World Best result)))
Oceania Cup
No shares
Best result
Best result (((regional)))
Olympic Games
No shares
Best result
Without Medals
The soccer team of Samoa is the country’s representative team in official competitions. His organization is responsible for the Samoa Football Federation, which belongs to the OFC. It is one of the weakest teams in the world and has never participated in Global or international competitions. Their parties are always highest against American Samoa. Yet the apathy of government, few sponsors, most of Trivales population and the rise of other sports such as cricket, rugby or basketball make the move to a soccer background.
Selection of Samoa was suspended by FIFA after the reunion of the executive committee of the institution on 24 October 2008, the internal problems of the federation, despite the special commission is working on it .

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