Urban Environment

Unjust and inadequate coverage of the population translated into: geographical maldistribution of resources, predominance of actions in the urban environment, fragmentation of the family group, different legal positions of Venezuelans against the right to health. One of the problems that facing the country in the field of health is the population’s access to drugs. Some experts argue that this crisis has been accentuated due to the lack of development and implementation of a drug policy backed by a legislative instrument which ensure its implementation. Please visit Pinterest if you seek more information. Consider also, health administration is a multidisciplinary field of professional practice that deals translate large collective decisions on the right to health of citizens in a set of activities and services to the community and individuals, through the articulation of different resources (power, financial, human, material, organizational, technological and scientific) that society itself allocates or develops for their health care. Remember that says if we consider the opinion of Winslow, 1970, about vision of public health, (definition that assumes the SESPAS Spanish society of public health and health administration-), which is the art of prevent disease, prolong life and promote health through the organized actions of the society, then, one might conceive of the healthcare administration field as the operational aspect of public health that focuses on the systems and structures of his proper functioning depends on the efficiency and effectiveness of the organized actions of the society for the improvement of their health. Regardless of the debate, unresolved, about whether the healthcare administration field is within or outside the doctrinal and scientific public health body (reflected in the very name, possibly redundant, the SESPAS), it should be noted that you substantive it professional of health administrators practice (either managing hospitals, or managing a program of immunization or eradication of diseases), it is his relationship with the use of resources of all kinds, the articulation process of those resources to produce services, and the context of organizational structures through which they should try to carry out the necessary changes to improve impact, effectiveness and efficiency of the resources used in relation to the objectives laid down..

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