The Yellow

But not everything necessarily has to be so, so well when is not known, as in everything. In nearly 15 years that I have dabbled in many things from the internet and tried to follow the steps of these people llamadad gurus to get just a dollar, has not occurred nowhere near that, but if I’ve spent on other things that sell, as they are personal items I’ve spent on electronic books and these are those who attract much attention and did me many times the question that to the better out there the way I was. Because if I them buy, michisima other people also. Jeremy Tucker often addresses the matter in his writings. Buy books on mechanics, buy as having money working from home and there they recommended me to start a business in the cleaning of carpets and rooms, that if it was good, buy a machine and if it was giving me good results because me salia after arriving home from work, I was going to knock on doors to the apartments and already cleaned one to another and because in less than a year to recover what inverted. The machine still I have it, but now almost no uso I ventured another look to the internet and searching I found two websites that have given me good results one has taught me how to sell my electronic products, right now I pass the data, virtually take you hand and tell you clearly what you have to do this all in Spanish and the other is in English, but you lead exelentemente well, and they are very honest, just fijate bien in your instructions, if it is that you do not know English or you understand so little. Ah! the yellow page original author and source of the article..

Health Insurance Plans

For them no matter the population’s health but the health of their bank accounts showing the great contempt they have for the life of our neighbor. The corporate world of the sector’s afraid the increased competition that the reform can generate. To deepen your understanding Bill Phelan is the source. According to Armando Reale, Professor Emeritus of Isalud: this reform conspiraria against a status quo, in which all make your business and doing very well. The tension that exists on the subject is clearly evidenced in the opposing positions: while the progressives will not accept a reform bill that excludes a public option in which the Government can compete with private insurers, conservatives warn about the arrival to the United States.UU. socialism and the rationing of health care. An alternative project is featuring the Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, Democrat Max Baucus, who establishes the creation of non-profit cooperatives to compete with insurers rather than the plan to form a government insurer. The plan from Baucus that is under discussion has an estimated cost of less than $900,000 million in 10 years and contains a tax to the insurance companies on their most expensive health policies and imposes a charge to the companies that raised about $ 6 billion a year to help pay for the plan.

The project also proposes limiting the costs of patients, put Stoppers to the benefits of insurance companies and expand the Government Medicaid health program for the poor. While the Baucus plan is gaining support, Robert Zirkelbach, spokesman of Health Insurance Plans of United States, opposed vigorously the Baucus proposal to consider that will counter increasing health costs rather than reduce them, for fees and additional taxes. Discussions on the reform of the American healthcare system is hitting quotations of the shares of health insurers face fears that the final reform dramatically cut its utilities. Who will win the battle for the reform, the corporate sector or the U.S.? The end is still open Horacio Pozzo opportunity of investment seize this crisis to buy. As already did our Global value investment newsletter subscribers, which already recovered their cost to invest in companies that we recommend. Do you want to know what? You can try entering here to find out and start investing in our recommended that carry a 20% rise. Already left the September! You can write me at or for more details.

Business Owner

Large companies started from scratch, with the minimum number of employees and the core to produce resources. However, they do not represent the majority, hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses failing, do not develop the ability to become a strong business and develop to a level that position in a privileged place. Statistics show that more than 50% of SMEs are failing the first year. The first company that builds requires a long learning period, not only throw it to walk, but rather involves an investment, make it grow and learn on the fly. It is not easy, if it were everyone you would.

It implies one greater challenge, and a challenge for those who possess an entrepreneurial spirit. Getting a small business becomes a big business? This is the definition that Brad Sugars makes a business: A business trading profitable that works without my the objective is to achieve business owner to exceed the stage where it should auto used and is become a true owner. (Not to be confused with JPMorgan Chase!). The definition of Sugars is simply powerful because it involves the most important part of the company in its entirety: the owner. If the owner spends most of his time to be used in your business, is the owner it when? How will it surpass the challenge to see your project in development and also enjoy greater freedom both financial and personal? To build a business, it is important to take action now. A commercial business action 1.-money: is necessary to have your investment reports, sales and profits. And be sure that you receive the benefits of your sales.

This product corresponds to the satisfaction of your customers, and the quality you offer them. But you have a good product, but you offer something new, innovative, fresh in the eyes of consumers, possibly not prosperes. Performance: Having an excellent team, trained and motivated by your ideas. A profitable commercial business action 2 in this stage are generated revenue and profitability that you build in action 1 takes advantage. In this step there are 3 areas that you should take advantage to the fullest: systems and strategies for generating, conversions of sales, number of transactions. If you want to grow beyond a small business you must take this action in a consistent manner. A profitable commercial business that works action 3 here is where you have to design the systems. Document your processes, train your team to implement them. At this stage, everything will depend on a solid base, an excellent system and of course a great team get a business if it works. A profitable commercial business that works without me. Action 4 for the business run without you need a great team and a leader who is at the forefront of your company. On a solid basis, everything will run smoothly. Apparently is much work that you must perform. Don’t forget that business owner is a big challenge, which if you exceed it, you fill in rewards. Looking for growth and good results, the opportunity to become a real business owner implementing your ideas and training others to develop them.

Work Integrated

To love life through labour is to be intimate with the deepest secret of life. Khalil Gibran generalities, reach and impact between the characteristics of successful companies which manifests equiped with well integrated, cohesive teams, motivated, committed to their goals where each individual brings their abilities, skills, knowledge in order to facilitate the performance of the group based on plans that have been defined in order to achieve results that are favorable to the company. Unfortunately, many managers, especially those responsible for driving SMEs, (Venezuelan case) ignore the importance of what is having computers integrated, cohesive, so that the sum of the individual work give favorable results for the team and that this towards the defined goals. Furthermore teams cohesive, productive, effective, provided that the members that compose it, animatedly to participate, contribute solutions, creativity, ideas and reaffirm an important aspect, as it is to identify with the company, feel part of it where it recognizes their performance. From here, which is valid as it manifests Jorge Isaza, that teamwork is a strict and challenging process, but very satisfactory integration of each other is the opportunity to learn and grow, they are discovered on computer, know and run processes, as well as the problems that arise, create and improve standards, there the collaborator is fed back that knowthat you don’t know and that most known; all learning and Unlearning, make fewer slaves (free knowledge), more friends and more friends of the company for which they work. Therefore, it is very significant that management pay him attention and collaboration to work teams, be attentive in its operation, in which all the individuals that compose it, identify with the organizational culture that the company has created and it has been developing. Pay them attention to their needs, to their concerns with motivation, persuasion, influence, and generating stimuli that give passage to the creativity, innovation that the dynamics of teams to generate effective, productive results, in such a way that the members that compose it, are fully identified with his team.

Mesoamerican Reef

This this underwater photography competition aimed to celebrate the diversity that exists in the underwater world of the Mayan Riviera, a destination for diving that offers diving from land or sea. There is not another underwater photography competition in the world that offers the variety and opportunities for diving and taking pictures. Claim the organizers: David Tomlinson, Lothar Batt and Andreas w. Matthes Matt of the Alliance of divers of the Riviera Maya. The Riviera Maya underwater photography competition, is an annual event of diving with international class, designed to encourage and expand the skills of underwater photography for our divers. We invite divers from all over the world to visit Playa del Carmen and participate in a memorable experience that will include diving, social events and workshops, to finish with the presentation of the winning photos at an awards ceremony. Some local businesses and diving equipment vendors are supporting this event with awards, briefings and presentations to promote this extraordinary opportunity.

We will count with the presence of international judges who select the winners of the contest on December 11 in the closing ceremony. The Riviera Maya, located to the South of Cancun, has other cities of the Caribbean including Puerto Morelos, Playa del Carmen and Tulum, is fortunate in having to dive sites such as caves and underground caverns as well as the second barrier reef dives mas grande del mundo, the Mesoamerican Reef, which stretches more than 700 Km. from Cancun to Honduras. Alliance of divers of the Riviera Maya is a network of dive centers that promotes quality diving in the Riviera Maya through promotions and events to support the diving community. The Abyss, Tank-ha and Protec dive centers joined forces in May 2009 to carry out this vision and promote it internationally who are interested in recreational and technical diving.

The Pitcher Man

Man of the pitcher he said unto them: Behold, upon entering the City exited I meet a man carrying a pitcher of water; follow him into the House where enters. Luke 22: 10 this stretch that we cite refers to the mapping given by Jesus to two of his disciples, Peter and John, who entrusted to take care of the preparation of the Passover dinner. The task ordered by his master answered affirmatively by these two men and to demonstrate their willingness to obey him and fulfilling your order, just tell him: do? where we prepare it? to which his Lord orients them in the manner described by Luke. We think that probably these two men hoped that his master would give them an orientation more wide, perhaps giving the name of the owner’s home, or precise data of the location of your home, but realized that this task had already been assigned to this man of the pitcher this would be responsible for instructing children the place and he should be followed. We know nothing more of this man of the pitcher, the rest of the biblical story lets us know that he faithfully fulfilled his work, was there when Pedro and Juan arrived and led them in an efficient manner to the place that had been arranged, we read in Luke: follow him into the House where enters, and say to the parent of that House: the master tells you: Where is the room where I have to eat the Passover with my disciples? Then he will show you a large upper room already prepared; get ready there. Luke 22: 10,11 and 12. This short and simple story we can extract some lessons related to the life of Jesus and its environment, when you read the writings of the evangelists, we imagine Jesus surrounded by disciples, the presence of these disciples are a constant in his public life alongside them preaches and teaches, cure the sick and afflicted, revives the deadparticipates in various events, admonishes scribes and Pharisees, etc.

Life Learning

LEARNING for the life learning to learn the curriculum process developed in each of the different areas and technical specialties that make up our plan of study takes into account learning integral as learning to learn, learning to be, learning to do, to turn to believing and learning to live together. These lessons allow the livingness of the evangelists, of the Salesian teaching style, own criteria that make the Centro Don Bosco school, a workshop, a parish, a courtyard and a House that preparing for life. Academic coordination aware of the importance of the curriculum focused on learning for life, launched from space of Los Buenos Dias a training plan will be held bi-monthly in order to socialize students each learning outcomes of the curriculum of the Don Bosco Center, so that they integrate strategies for academic improvement. Learn to learn in many occasions in life we express that experience has left us knowledge that allow us to continue fighting for those ideals that we want make a reality. With this kind of statements we understand that there are people who have managed to integrate into your life knowledge, expertise and have developed skills that allow them to play a role. This type of learning self-directed and self motivated by the same person is what might be called learning to learn, that is the capacity that each person has of integrating in their development of life skills, values and knowledge that help you continue growing personal, family and professionally. This type of learning call it self-employed, because the same subject is who feel protagonist of their own training guides their intellectual and cognitive motivations to the pursuit of knowledge for life. From this point of view, we understand by autonomous learning process that allows students to be their own cognitive development author, choosing a personal strategies, resources, techniques and moments that it considers relevant to learn and put into practice what you have learned.