Vaz Marketing

No longer third period of training, absorvitivo, the marks assume umaposio of conviviality, not only become part of the life of the consumer, motivating it to autilizar its mark, but everything what it becomes related. the image of the mark estrelacionada with the creation of an aggregate value it, involving attributes, feelings and perceptions that the consumers recognize in a process emocionalque defines the purchase decision. This because, the estorelacionadas motivations of purchase to the objective and psychological necessities of the consumer. From there, apreferncia of the purchase is associated with the image that transmits the qualities damarca and attracts the consumers for motivation or identification (PINE, 1996). The organizations that not to guide its action estratgicaspara to study the trends of best behavior and to present relaescom the emotions of the people, will be able to lose the competitiveness. Others who may share this opinion include baron discovery fund.

GOB (2000, p.29), affirms, ' ' The worse concept, in the strategies of the creation of the marks, to acreditar that the mark says respect to the participation of market, when narealidade always is directly related with ' ' participation of the mind edas emoes' '. Therefore, it is through the image of the mark in the doconsumidor mind that the same one if locates in the market and consolidates its identity. Institucional marketing the word ' ' institucional' ' in the field of the marketing he is termoempregado in some sources. The institucional marketing engloba a series deoutras activities, as the cultural marketing, the esportivo, communitarian, the oecolgico one, and its objective is the creation of attitudes favorable in the diversossegmentos of the public in relation to the company and the setting of the mark and the imagemcorporativa. For Vaz (2000, P. 7): … the word ' ' institucional' ' she is used for you still indicate initiatives through which a company looks for to fix next to the public positive umaimagem of the organization.

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