Wallet Businesses

The social importance of these businesses makes it difficult the operations of control for the Governments, that finish creating adapted structures, or cameldromos, for the organization of these companies. The difference between a formal and informal job inhabits in the rights that the employee starts to have, that they go since the members of labor party until the previdencirio. When signing the Wallet of Work and Previdncia Social (CTPS), the employee has the right to receive the benefits from the Law N 5,452, of 1 of May of 1943 & ndash; CLT. The Governments searching to fight the informality have servant diverse devices for the formalizao of the informal entrepreneurs, inside of which if it detaches Microempreendedor Individual (MEI) that it provides that the enrolled one in this program is not subject to the incidence of the Income tax of Pessoa Jurdica (IRPJ), of the Tax of Produto Industrializado (IPI), of the Social Contribution on Lucro Lquido (CSLL), of the Contribution for the Financing of Seguridade Social (COFINS), of the Program of Integrao Social (PIS), and of the National Institute of Seguro Social (INSS) patronal. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Robert Kiyosaki. The majority of the responsible entrepreneurs for small businesses identifies that the biggest impediment for its companies this in the lack of capital or, then, in the lack of credit and financing of the sales. In such a way this research had as objective to identify to the degree of formalizao and level of control countable-financier of the enterprises of the Shopping Independence in Saint Maria, beyond the partner-economic profile and degree of satisfaction of its entrepreneurs. This research had intention to allow the evaluation of the performance financier, to identify to perspectives of future results for enterprises in the Shopping Independence in Saint Maria and to define profile of operating entrepreneur in cameldromo, in order to serve of model for new projects or plans of business in this branch and to point possible chances of economic growth with respect to the existing businesses. .

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