Work Integrated

To love life through labour is to be intimate with the deepest secret of life. Khalil Gibran generalities, reach and impact between the characteristics of successful companies which manifests equiped with well integrated, cohesive teams, motivated, committed to their goals where each individual brings their abilities, skills, knowledge in order to facilitate the performance of the group based on plans that have been defined in order to achieve results that are favorable to the company. Unfortunately, many managers, especially those responsible for driving SMEs, (Venezuelan case) ignore the importance of what is having computers integrated, cohesive, so that the sum of the individual work give favorable results for the team and that this towards the defined goals. Furthermore teams cohesive, productive, effective, provided that the members that compose it, animatedly to participate, contribute solutions, creativity, ideas and reaffirm an important aspect, as it is to identify with the company, feel part of it where it recognizes their performance. From here, which is valid as it manifests Jorge Isaza, that teamwork is a strict and challenging process, but very satisfactory integration of each other is the opportunity to learn and grow, they are discovered on computer, know and run processes, as well as the problems that arise, create and improve standards, there the collaborator is fed back that knowthat you don’t know and that most known; all learning and Unlearning, make fewer slaves (free knowledge), more friends and more friends of the company for which they work. Therefore, it is very significant that management pay him attention and collaboration to work teams, be attentive in its operation, in which all the individuals that compose it, identify with the organizational culture that the company has created and it has been developing. Pay them attention to their needs, to their concerns with motivation, persuasion, influence, and generating stimuli that give passage to the creativity, innovation that the dynamics of teams to generate effective, productive results, in such a way that the members that compose it, are fully identified with his team.

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