Yoga And Health

Yoga is an ancient Indian philosophy and world view, which looks back to over 5000 years old tradition. When we think of yoga, we have physical exercises before our eyes. These yoga exercises are called asanas. There are different types of asanas: dynamic and static. Most yoga exercises are static, which means it takes a body position and keeps them in for a few seconds. Then, take a relaxing position. For dynamic yoga exercises, such as the morning greeting, switch to the short positions in chronological order. Another category of the yoga breathing exercises are They are called Pranayama. Breathing exercises, take a large part of yoga is a health spectrum. Finally, the yoga practice also includes meditation and relaxation exercises. Yoga is recognized as a health prevention. The health insurance companies contribute financially to the cost of yoga classes. Yoga classes are offered in almost every city of the adult education center or private yoga teachers and yoga schools. Yoga is important in that itAlthough energy and stamina, but is not practiced with pressure. An expert guide is strongly recommended because of the diseases that yoga practice can in some cases show negative effects. Yoga is basically about all people of all ages are practiced by children, the elderly, pregnant women and physically handicapped people. For each target there are special yoga exercises. Best known in the European area of Rishikesh is Yogabungsreihe. Rishikesh is a town in India, where there are many yoga ashrams, yoga schools that are. To practice, number of Rishikesh, among other things, the headstand, shoulder stand, and of the cobra. Finally, it should be mentioned that yoga beyond the physical exercises. The yoga philosophy aims at a harmonious balance of body, mind and spirit.

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