Yes, my friends, I've seen a lot in the automotive world, to a large extent had to go, to experience the delights of all the foreign auto industry – brand badge and flashed before his eyes, could hardly remember the particular four-wheel their representatives and record these impressions on the site … It seemed that now I can neither surprise nor strike nor a single machine, and even more so stock up in the heart. Because it is already defined own priorities, and a kind of "pedestal of my avtofavoritov" has already lined up. But no! Surprise was in exactly a New Year's Eve, as it were, the final year of test drives, and finishing at the highest and most prestigious brand Europe – Mercedes. Guys, I'll tell you honestly that this feeling of puppy enthusiasm has not caused me any other car.

And he may have something to choose, but even dear to my Volvo S80 – no, not dimmed in my eyes, did not become worse or unworthy of the palm – no, just … she has moved into second place, with whom is not exactly get away. A first won – on the right, dignity, quality and so forth, away, away … – Mercedes R-Class, as declared by the manufacturer minivan. Elongated cigar-shaped, muscular yet elegant mersedesovski in the body of the car rather like a short, but long off-road than on the minivan. In principle, I would just as well call it – a good synthesis, half-breed, a cross between a jeep and a family minivan.

New Year

So it is – Salon length, width, comfort and functionality of the R-ki, as a heavy SUV GL – the same three rows of seats, the latter two of which, if necessary added together perfectly smooth surface trunk, the same superosnaschennost throughout, including monitors in the headrests of front seats for rear passengers enjoy your leisure time – the same stuffed all kinds of electronic front panel, doors, console … same automatic transmission, the lever is on the American model is mounted in the steering column, a regular for his "regular place" between the front seats occupied by three stowage compartment under the right arm is conveniently sticks a huge center armrest with a refrigerator. Salon is decorated with black doroguschy naimyagchayshey leather and precious species of wood – not an imitation, mind you. All of this typical German thoroughness, preciseness, accuracy, coupled with the outstanding work of engineering – given here are the fruits – and luxurious at the same time superfunktsionalnye cars. Machine on each day and for the city, and for country walks, and for long-distance travel – the universal R-ki is truly amazing. Fuel consumption (AI 91-95) in the city New Year's "zaprobirovannom" version of a maximum of 17 liters, for a four-wheel drive "Cruiser" with the engine at 272 hp and 3.5-liter – just a miser! Contrary to this statement may result in a great many examples of cars of other brands – and not just "classmates", but the class of machines is lower, zhruschih twice, but it does not justify such high fuel costs and MOT.