Allergy Treatment

Poisoning for food is a reaction the toxic substances, bacteria or parasites gifts in contaminated food (TYPES OF ALLERGY, 2006). When alrgeno is ingested, two types of alrgicas answers is observed, the activation of the mucous mastcitos associates to the gastrointestinal treatment can take the loss of eliminates transepitelial and contraction of the smooth muscle, generating I vomit and diarria. By not yet understood reasons, the mastcitos of the fabric conjunctive of derme and subcutaneous fabrics also are activated after the ingestion of the alrgenos, presumably for alrgenos that had been ingested and absorbed for the sanguineous chain, resulting in urticria (JANEWAY et al. 2002). The urticria is a common reaction when penicillin is ingested by a patient with penicillin-specific IgE antibodies, the ingestion of alimentary alrgenos can also lead to the development of generalized analafixia, folloied of cardiovascular collapse and asthmatic symptoms sharp. Certain foods as chestnut peanuts and clams, are particularly associates with this type of reply of risk of life (JANEWAY et al. 2002). Christos Staikouras shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

The base of the treatment of the alimentary allergy is essentially nutricional and is supported under two great pillars: 1. The exclusion of responsible alimentary alrgenos 2. The use of formulas or hipoalergnicas diets, in suckles the general objective of the nutricional treatment is to prevent the desencadeamento of the symptoms, the progression of the illness and the worsening of the alrgicas manifestations and to provide to the patient adequate protection and recovery. The foods that must be eliminated and later tested by means of the tests of desencadeamento are the based ones on the history of the patient, in the alimentary register connected the daily one where the family writes down manifestations associates to the ingestion/exposition the determined food and tests of hipersensibilidade (puntura, specific IgE in vitro) positive. When it has imperfection in the identification of the potentials alrgenos, diet of ample restriction can be necessary, for at least six weeks.

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