Well Prevention

Complete Parslow et all saying ' ' The main imunolgicas characteristics of the virus of the imunodeficincia human being are: infection of cells CD4 of the system imunolgico' '. For Craven et all the AIDS presents some symptoms as: Symptoms of the AIDS: active phase: eruption, cough, nocturnal indisposio, sudorese, linfadenopatia; divided in some phases. If treating to carrying women of the AIDS, I land on water says that ' ' the number of women infectadas for the virus comes growing in Brazil, that for many times is for relative the unconditional love to the partner and total absence of amor' '. Whereas Galvo says that ' ' The knowledge and the use of the contraceptive one for the Brazilian woman are another item that has excited ample quarrels in recent years; that the attention programs the health feminine they have not been effectively implementados' '. In the scope of biotica and infection for HIV, Sgreccia, 2002: it says that ' ' if it does not have right to incriminate and to estigmatizar the sick citizen of positive serum, therefore, even so has contracted the illness for proper responsibility, it is worthy in any way, assistance and respect as any another sick person and to this it has direito' '. Later complete it saying: ' ' To be rational and caridoso is the prepresumption necessary to just understand the ethical problem and for itself in the way of the prevention and the education of conscincias' '. In what it says respect to the patient relation? society, Sgreccia, 2002 conclude ' ' Well personal and rights of the person, either soropositiva or sick it, will have to be composed, therefore, with a common good of the society of sadios' ' standing out despite ' ' This type of preventive relation on the part of the patient is part also of the prevention of doena' '. .

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