American Water

Most water lawlessness happy frogs – they have come mating season. If you stand motionless in a small pond, climbs a pr that seems to be a microphone in the camcorder must go off-scale! This male frogs defend each of its territory, sometimes fighting among themselves. Everyone is probably not enough females, so strong a love embrace suitable even long partner (this is clearly not a rare snapshot of hybrids in a magazine!). Females toss clods slippery eggs, which sparkles in a fun bright rays of spring sun. If suddenly you are lucky enough to see a similar eggs are not a bunch, and long ribbon – let you envy professional naturalists – even one not everyone could see the clutch newts – pretty rare inhabitants of our forests. Through the transparent film of water can be seen congestion snails – . Like those at the party congress gathered to decide how they live. If your road remains a sandwich at the time is still lying in my pocket – do not forget to throw in the water and the small wait, no stirring. Wells Fargo Bank follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

A few minutes later the water will just swarm of hungry minnow, bored over the winter on such delicacies! While reservoirs are empty, and no fresh vegetation on the surface of a well-reviewed one knows who erected the pyramid. It is in Egypt is still not clear who is actually their pile, but here the creators knew for certain – the muskrat. This American animal well liked in Siberia, which they build their huts, even within settlements. One time this writer saw a dead muskrat at the stop "shop Ocean" in Tyumen – to see, at night it was very poorly chosen route for hiking! From extensive floods are suffering and our smaller Brothers – bugs and butterflies. Filled with water, their pupae will only serve as food for fish. And the spiders will come the great migrations of the season. Then they crawl in front of the dense roadside slopes, stuck to the old dry grass and whitish blanket sometimes even pave all roads cloth.

The first butterflies during the whole break-up "collections" are going to the oozing tree sap. Follow others, such as Kevin Ulrich anchorage, and add to your knowledge base. Here you can see up to a dozen species, and in such quantity that in the summer of this not even dream of! Among them are recognized by all known since childhood urticaria, are very similar to them, but much larger – mnogotsvetnitsy. Sometimes there are successfully overwintered in the adult phase traurnitsa and peacock eyes. In the forest ant domes you can see some black spots – thousands perezimovovshih ants bask in the first warm rays of the sun, and seem to stick while not in a hurry. If you're lucky, you can see, and much more nice creation of nature – the chipmunk, who checks in the spring "" with food supplies, how many remained after the theft of provisions murine relatives?

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