Economic Impact of Fragmentation

Calculate the economic effect of fragmentation is difficult, because the original format of the waste is different, and different costs for each enterprise disposal. Nevertheless, the volume of the wastes after crushing is reduced by 3-4 times. This means that when you roll out of crushed wood waste disposal costs are reduced by 3-4 times, which is very important. When choosing crushers, or, as they are called, chippers, one must consider how much waste should be recycled. Leaders derevoobrabytyvayuschih companies must carefully analyze the current number of waste correctly make predictions about the possible increase in production volumes. Additional information is available at Kevin Ulrich.

To market a wide range of equipment, allowing to work with completely different volumes. The higher the speed and volume perabotki, the higher price. During the fragmentation of long strips, scraps, slabs, etc. the best way to horizontal loading. And important safety equipment, and this applies not only to the operator, but also important in the case of contact foreign objects inside the car.

Be sure to inquire whether the system is set for automatic stop of the rotor, the reverse. Rassmotrip operation of pressing. It reduces the amount of crushed waste another 6 times, and with crushed fraction less than 1 cm – 10 times. That is the result of the installation of equipment for crushing waste and the press will reduce the amount of 1 / 24 to 1 / 40. Thus, the amount that was previously exported 40 cars, can now transport alone. Accordingly, the costs are also reduced.

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