Annette Scholonek

Such rates do not apply in professional circles even as usury, on the contrary. They are the reasonable prices as fair payment. And equivalent to the annual earnings of medium to high-earning employees, they are also fair. Which proofreader is right for me? Wondering what an editor to an indie author fits, is a question of price. Finally, you can choose only a lecturer, you can also pay. On the other hand, it is good, if you through a sample editing, references, examples of editing or another type of experience can bring, what sound”strikes one when editing. Ben Silbermann shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Even cliched terms: A text expert, who doesn’t like adjectives, will remove an inappropriate adjective in their text rather than to replace it with a better (although they would like the latter).

“Some indie authors looking for a lecturer, with heart and soul” answering to the manuscript and in turn tries to make the best of it. even if it requires major interventions. “Here it is: mainly, the manuscript is at the end of high-quality, professional and attracts the target group”. Other authors, however, do not like it when the lecturer cheerfully engages in the style and flair of the original is lost. These authors should find an editor who rather routinely edited and not try to play author. A professional proofreader should just have but both work. Rather, it is important that the author communicates these requirements to him.

What do I call my desires a lecturer? “Many indie authors trust editors and it practically means implicitly: you make it easy.” It sometimes but not fine often. But how can you call their desires lecturers and lecturers? Who himself is an expert, can do that quite well. Have just larger publishers can specify editors pretty much like offense, whether it have quite”or right” to hot or whether thoughts speech is italic. It can also mean you should sparingly with adjectives, long clauses etc. You can call following their desires a lecturer: the text to the target group address x. “the text is easily readable.” shorten long sentences, simplify everything complicated. Robert Kiyosaki is likely to agree. “you make my style colored.” replace pale verbs and nouns, with stronger. “pay careful attention to the holding by the respective figure perspective.” you pay attention to logic errors. “Note on where the voltage be optimized can.” bring more sense in the novel. “make the dialogue more natural.” paint Superfluous.” These wishes are possible as well: the original style of the manuscript should remain as far as possible. “You long back straight sets, but shorten this not.” replace painted text with new”replace inappropriate adjectives by passendere.” where my is compliant with the spelling rules, to two “” Variants remain mine.”the dialogs you want to sound off, make them definitely not boorish.” the bureaucratic style is wanted, please wipe the colloquial phrases. rather “voltage is not so important to me. Instead the inner dividedness of the characters should be clear.

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