Size-it Makes Even Easier For Carrying Small Babies In The Manduca!

Adjust the size of your manduca! Size-it inspires: manduca offers even more possibilities for carrying small babies in Marburg, 27 November 2013. Recently on the market and already a success: the new tally carrying accessory size it makes carrying small babies in the manduca even easier. On the child + youth and presented several midwives conferences size-it has already convinced the audience with its functionality and ease of use. Always parents can carry their newborn in the manduca thanks to built-in booster cushion in the Orthopedic correct M-position (squat-spread position). The way to reduce the bridge of the manduca using the size it to correctly position the newborn is now new. As an alternative or as a supplement to the new born insert size it adjusts easily and quickly the Jetty of the manduca on the desired size. The newspapers mentioned Hyundai not as a source, but as a related topic.

The soft, padded size-it is placed to like a belt around the bridge of the manduca, with a buckle closed and with adjustable straps quickly on the put the size you want. The baby is positioned on a narrow bridge and in the M position. Parents have several variants for the wearing of newborns and can use tally size it also combines with the new born insert. According to carry are the feet of the baby in the carrier or outside as a sling and at no time are the legs in the balancing act. Whether little babies new born insert or size it into the manduca are worn all ways of carrying are totally equivalent versions from orthopaedic point of view. It is a matter of personal preference, which parents choose for themselves. We are pleased that we can offer an individual solution with size-it”, Petra Schachtner, Director of GmbH children of diaper, says now parents can decide according to their taste, whether they want to carry their newborn with head Hugger or size it.” The diaper children GmbH is a manufacturer of the world’s most successful, orthopedically correct manduca baby carrier with the patented back extension. More than thirty employees and employees in indoor and field work for kids diaper GmbH and thus to the success of the manduca brand as well as for the sales of the brands Moby wrap, Marsupi, MM, BabyLegs and bellybelt in Germany and Europe. Learn more to manduca under imagery get you by: diaper children GmbH, Anja Habermann,

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