Business Intelligence

BI – Business Intelligence (Rev. Engl. Business intelligence – generally translated as a business analyst, business analysis, but this concept is much broader than the English-language Business intelligence) – technology and software to optimize business objectives by a rational system of fixation, storage and analysis. Background: In the history of the first term business intelligence was used by the specialists at Gartner in 1980 90gg as "a process of interaction between users of different levels, which involves the receipt and processing of information, analysis, reporting, based on which management decisions. " Benefits of BI systems with its friendly and intuitive interface to access data, high proizvoditelnast with large volumes of information, ease of working with records and samples, ensuring accuracy and clarity of information on the output. Modeling of business processes – is a clear regulation business processes, which describes the interaction of all the structures the company, the hierarchy of the system, communication between the subordinate units and managers. To date, the company have to constantly optimize its organizational activities. Primarily, this requires a thorough investigation of the entire chain of production activities, from planning to implementation of finished products. Without deep research and precise modeling of business processes throughout the enterprise (business regulation processes) can not be any question of optimizing them (and keeping in the business intelligence). The idea of business process modeling is a confident step to the description and optimization of the company, increasing the accountability of managers, a clear duty personnel, to speed up the production cycle and improve the information enterprise security. The next step is to optimize the business processes under the optimization is usually understood: The introduction of more effective over time upravleniyOptimizirovanie eirarhii companies to develop new regulations and polozheniyOptimizatsiyu documents and new forms of internal accountability introduction of new information sistemSozdanie conditions for compliance with quality standards (such as products and Management) Improvement of the administration, management and evaluation staff

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