Local Authorities

To implement this idea create a business website with all the information on your city. Today, many cities already have numerous sites and forums. In varying degrees, they light goroda.No life on your site will be ALL information. Typically, urban sites are incomplete, narrowly focused, or inconvenient to use. Your business – is a complete on-line encyclopedia of the city.

This idea assumes that the business on your site the following information: – All businesses and organizations, possibly with links to their websites. – Theatres and Cinema – Schedule, the current session – Cafes and Restaurants (provided opportunity to comment on each institution) – Links to local Media – Reliable transportation, airports, bus stations, train stations – Social and political organizations – Stores, shopping malls, supermarkets … – Fresh City News – Local Authorities (Official) – City services (SRT, repair clothing and footwear, taxis, hostels …) – Community – Weather and money – TV program on your site visitor should find any information about the life of the city. Perhaps the creation of such a business project will take considerable time and energy, so you can build a team that is ready to begin business together. However, high-quality made-wide portal will have a large audience. Consider also that the number of users Internet in Ukraine is growing. Such a project has broad advertising opportunities, so the income from this business idea can be calculated by several thousand dollars per month. In addition, the City advertised portal, you can simply sell for good money. An important point: all information on your site must be complete, but the site itself – as easy as possible for the user.

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