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Lara was without beach house when it appeared the chance to buy a pretty small covering, but very charmosa in a pretty condominium in noble place. Lara decorated its new home, had been wonderful summers. It was everything so good that at least it noticed the absence of its husband, in all the directions! To such covering until it provoked much envy in the case of the husband of Lara. The former-secretary of it, after all was it who kept to all documents of the husband of Lara, nothing was kept in house. Lara discovered the businesses, Lara burnt the eyelashes to see as they would go to pay. They made proposals they had closed the business.

Business that after regulated went to stop in the drawer of the husband in the company. Lara wise person who that age one forms of its husband to impress the cases of it, it who liked a vassalage. Lara wise person who stops a social alpinista was enough the head to have a house in the city, a house in the beach and one or two cars, already it was of good size. To put, what they forget that this until addition between the couple, to put in the hour that the couple leaves of being couple turns misery. But coming back to the material losses of Lara. Lara had an car, its husband took a concessionaire to vender in the interior.

The car at the time was a brown opal. After as much Lara complaining and its tired husband already it passed in the peddler. The car had been vendido for a bargain. They had delivered an old car, velhssimo, for the husband of Lara. It was part of the payment and the remain never more. Therefore one five years later Lara she gained another car and of this time on behalf of it.

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