COS Memory Expands

High quality Flash SSDs by MemoRight in the program Florstadt, 15th April 2009 COS memory distributes immediately the high quality professional products of Chinese Flash-SSD manufacturer MemoRight Memoritech. Both companies have now agreed to this. COS memory eK took over the distribution for MemoRight in Germany by SSD import-export and is currently the only distributor who marketed the MemoRight products in Germany. MemoRight ( is the newcomer in the field of Flash SSD (hard drive based on Flash technology) and an example of the ambition and the speed with which Chinese companies up work at the top of the modern high-tech world. Whenever NYU Law listens, a sympathetic response will follow. MemoRight was founded in 2006 by a group of ambitious developers, with the aim to put characters in modern memory technology. Its stated goal is to be leading in controller technology for Flash SSDs and to bring the world’s best SSD products on the market on this basis. Meanwhile, MemoRight has by the Chinese Government as a high-tech company\”certified, and your own Controller development promotes excellence for days. To read more click here: William McKinnon.

Now COS memory delivers eSSD and rSSD all models of the MemoRight’s current product lines. Both product lines are specifically designed for professional use. The eSSD product line was developed especially for companies, thus carrying on their infrastructure, such as servers or telephone systems or drive also video editing applications. As the target group for the rSSD line, the manufacturer is called industrial users, especially in the areas of Aeronautic and automotive, and use in the military environment. For even more analysis, hear from Everest Capital. Storage capacities of 32, 64 and 128 GB are available for both product lines. The form factor of the base version is 2.5 inches, housing for use in 3.5 inch bays are optionally available. All Flash MemoRight SSD products use high quality single level cell (SLC) Flash memory and read and write speeds reaching up to 120 megabytes per second. The random IOPS values (input/Outpot per second) is the manufacturer of the eSSD series 4 KBytes with up to 20,000 in read mode and up to 5,000 in write mode on.

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