Dangers Quiet Death

If You live in a department in a partnership or house she knows that: Any device to gas, cooks, calefn, stove for the combustion consumes I oxygenate. the carbon monoxide it is a highly toxic gas for person and animal. The poisoning of carbon monoxide is very subtle and we cannot to give account to us of her since the monoxide does not have color does not taste does not have scent does not irritate the mucous It does not give asphyxia sensation or breathlessness Although is not perceivable generates symptoms such as: Headache, irritability, confusion, respiratory difficulty, faint, I navigate, weakness, nauseas, vomits, accelerated pulse of the heart, torxico pain, convulsions, loss of hearing, blurred vision, disorientation, loss of knowledge, eat, cardiac unemployment and respiratory failure in the end. A brief exhibition even can cause neurological injuries. The lack of I oxygenate generates cellular death. The death by poisoning of carbon monoxide is called death ” dulce” because she is little violent, the monoxide is combined with the blood through the lungs and as this he is colorless, odorless and insipid it is of very difficult detection, and breathing to concentration even elevated, does not give to sensation of asphyxia nor breathlessness, and it is so the majority of the victims is not conscious of the death. In the departments in partnerships and houses are important: Not to obtruir ventilations If note that the flame in la/s hornallas has yellowish color, is indication of bad combustion. (it calls to gasista registered) the adjustment or change of devices to carry out it with gasista Registered. Before change of calefones or thermotanks to make sure they have the ventilation adapted according to norms (pending, angles) This prohibited to utilzar indented sewers of ventilation (they evacuate a 30% less than the smooth ones) Statistical accidents because of Gas in Argentina: cases intoxicated died 2008 51 46 54 2009 66 110 46 2010 81 153 42 Before the smaller suspicion or to have some symptom it calls to gasista qualified and it warns the administration of the partnership.

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