Old, was," she finally brought him to the intended path, and he does what she asks. Of course hitting a fox on the nose (which is equivalent to the feet), he can not get out, and Fox is doing with him what he wants. You know, whatever was the finale of this tale, if not cut short so early? There are two options: Option 1. Our young friend once, the father of the family, and he has already run two or three or kolobosyat lisabkov (as you like), operates from 9 to 6, and in the evenings enthusiastically watching football. Option 2. Our friend did the father of the family, but for posterity watches his wife – Fox, but he also carelessly and recklessly riding along the paths in search of new and novych chanterelles. Who wrote this tale, which is relevant to the present day? We read on the cover: "the Russian folk tale." How long has it been written does not know any of her publishers.

But it remains relevant today. Why is that? Why the heroes of the old fairy tale as identical with us? Maybe because all the men want to fight. Perhaps all wars and for women, but men have fought it. And if you look at children. 2 to 3 year boy with a spear gun and go kill the enemy is. And this not my mother's teachings, and not the bad influence of television. So what is it? Why and Hare, and Wolf, Bear and so wanted to eat Kolobok? Surely they were hungry? No, these animals do not eat flour.

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