Entropion: TALK OF THE OPERATING ROOM When should operate the entropion This question is important, perhaps the most important of all they can do the owners who have an animal with this problem. To decide the time of surgery, we must consider several factors: – Age of animal: puppies in full growth are not candidates for definitive surgery entropion and that its growth will give a false appearance of the eyelid and the surgeon can cut more or less than they owe. Ideal wait until at least 6 months of age. If entropion is light I try to wait until one and a half, even, in some races, up to two years.Bloodless surgery (placing traction points are possible) can be practiced at any age and are the proper technique for growing puppies. Shar Pei puppy – Injuries: severe corneal injuries require early surgery (after 6 months or earlier in certain races) but depends on the development of the animal. Points can be fitted pull, flaps, etc..to correct the injury while the animal reaches the appropriate development to undergo definitive surgery. The presence of chronic injuries of the cornea indicates the need for surgery in young adults or mature animals.

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