The Leader Of Enterprise Management Today “

Today the company is highly competitive. It has a capacity of permeability and adaptability almost immediately and imperceptibly to market conditions and customer needs, with an effective system of feedback and analysis of information from the environment, a culture of innovation and continuous improvement, and above all, highly profitable. With the features mentioned above can say that is the description of the model company that all shareholders, customers, employees, society and stakeholders in general with which they would like to be involved. Any company that wants to grow, although not explicitly stated, this model seeks to become the medium and long term. The road itself is not easy, this adds to the company management does not know how and where to begin the process of change. They spend thousands of dollars in consulting, systems support, implementation of management tools such as those established with ISO 9000 and the fashioned Scorecard. In the best case is achieved standardize and facilitate the collection of information about the company, achieving a more orderly and clear read on the same results were obtained prior to implementation. The “business today” must be guided by the “leader today,” without this combination is very likely to continue bad spending more money on consulting and implementations that no allowance for expected. The top management must become the “leader” of the “Empresa de Hoy” to achieve this desired model. The “leader of today” is the one with the ability to collect and interpret the environment in which the company operates, is capable of making decisions based on that understanding and monitoring the results achieved with them.

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