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But despite the fact that the Mexican economy is experiencing problems that hit the population, there are companies that are betting to grow in the country, as is the case with Telefonica (IBEX35:TEF; NYSE:TEF) that you want to bet the Mexican consumer and is for this reason that she has been interested in participating in the bidding process for new mobile frequencies in the country, scheduled for the coming weeks. Mexico is one of the markets where Telefonica has opted for organic growth. The strategy of growth in the country, the company does not preclude selective acquisitions to strengthen its market share and increase its capacity of competition in a market characterized by the small number of operators. In the Mexican phone market America Movil (BVM:AMXL; NYSE:AMX), is controlled by the Mexican Carlos Slim, which is the largest mobile operator of Mexico and has a market share of 72%. Telefonica, is in second place with 20% of the market share and intends to expand aggressively to fight the predominance rule of Slim. The competition will not be limited to the segment of mobile telephony since Mexican authorities want to tender this year wireless frequencies to expand third-generation (3 G) services, such as Internet broadband, as well as part of the managed by the Federal Commission of electricity (CFE) fiber optic network segments in which Telefonica is interested in competing. As well as the telecommunications sector offers interesting investment opportunities, Mexico can and must implement reforms necessary for economic diversification in its productive structure as well as commercial relations. Mexico has a good potential to not only grow doors outside but also internally from the improvement in the social situation.

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