Minimalism Decor

Search the rational aesthetics that reveal the technological and utilitarian essence of things. Minimalism Neglect decor ideal for search proportions and color relations in the basic forms. Art Nouveau (art nouveau, Art Nouveau) style, developed in architecture, art and design in Europe at the end of the xix century, as opposed to Neo-Gothic. It is characterized by sinuous, flowing shapes with a clear trend toward asymmetry. In furniture decoration contains natural and plant motifs. For the decorations in the Art Nouveau style characteristic image of female figures with flowing streams of hair.

In Russia, the style went down in history called Modern. Andi Potamkin shines more light on the discussion. The symbol of this style are the elements of vegetation, especially esteemed flowers irises and orchids. Eclectica (eslestis) Using mixed style or combination of items of different origins, styles and ages. Eclecticism is the style in the interior, if it is designed on the basis of a combination of not more than two or three stylistic types, the combined color, texture, architectural design. This trend style, and rather, the lack of itself, usually flourishes in times when one style is a 'developed' and the other has not yet appeared. We can say that the present time, the end of xx – beginning of xxi century is a time of eclecticism. Fashionable all like or suitable functional. This style is characterized by rounded corners Strong vertical lines and the 'retreating' forms. Of all furniture styles it features the use of decorative elements in the form zigzags, circles, triangles, suns.

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