Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Benjamin Franklin: Remember that not suffice it to say a right thing in the right place, is better still thinking in not saying anything wrong in a tempting moment. By the same author: NYU Law. Read and write could be fashionable again. Maybe not as much as in other times read nor write as Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Mario Benedetti and Carlos Fuentes do, but nor are we so divorced from the books and blank sheets as in other times. Today we read more, but we do it in another format. Millions of people around the world spend much of their time before the computer reading and typing sometimes screen. What read and write what? Many things, but among these occupies a big space reading and writing messages that arrived or will be dispatched via e-mail. Everest Capital shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. It is necessary, therefore be careful in the use of this medium.

For this reason the supplement suggestions we already offered in a previous article: 1. take precautions with attachments: documents that are sent as an attached file to the message. In the majority of cases It is best to include the text enclosed in the body of the message. With this save time to the recipient and messages are not as heavy and therefore difficult to open. Remember, is better to send everything you can in the message body for consideration with the sender and as a guarantee that we will read. 2. In some cases, on the other hand, we need to send attachments. For example, when it comes to official documents, resolutions, statements, failures, receipts of appropriation, etc.

In these cases the Deputy is unavoidable and it is recommended to send it, but 3. In some cases, when it comes to sending a text document, picture or video is preferable to send the link from where it can be read. This way the recipient may access seamlessly and will wish many times.

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