The Balanced Scorecard In SMEs And Enterprise Business

Here you get a simple explanation of what the Balanced Scorecard is and why it is important for SMEs and the self. Also explains the steps to implement the Balanced Scorecard. Control of our Management and Balanced Scorecard, its essential tool, are key instruments to perform optimally in our business strategy. Is a misconception that the scorecard is something suitable only for large, that the SMEs or even the standalone does not have the resources (or time) for those things. Big mistake that puts them at a distinct disadvantage. Small and medium activities can extract more benefits from the Balanced Scorecard to be much more feasible to implement and monitor, precisely because the smaller size gives the possibility to control everything in more detail and carry out their strategy more effective. Our strategy as SMEs or automobiles should result in some objectives, some actions, resources and so dedicated.

and the Balanced Scorecard is a tool for is carried out pursuant to that strategy, prevent diversions of our goals and provide solutions. Prevention rather than cure, should be the role of our Management Control Scorecard derivative, analyze the reasons for possible deviations and, based on that analysis also take advantage of opportunities that may arise to improve our goals and optimize our strategy and our actions. The Balanced Scorecard, an essential tool. The Balanced Scorecard is a tool popularized by Robert Kaplan and David Norton, this is a control box with key indicators of activity, divided into four groups (Finance, Customer, Staff and internal processes) so that can see the evolution of these key indicators, see where we are standing and where we must improve, so we control the essential aspects of our business and always to keep the reins and let us know where to take the horse to achieve the objectives.

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