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On the other hand, for the student. Education in joint programs with foreign universities for Ukrainian students in our country – it more responsible than studying abroad. In the second case, a student from the Ukraine – one of the many listeners who are not identified as belonging to the country. In the first – foreign techniques, methodological approaches, and were themselves foreign professors focused on a lot of it is of Ukrainian students, who must show and prove its efficiency, the willingness to master the knowledge, develop their creative potential. By and large in this situation, the Austrian side is dealing with a country that accepts it. Therefore, we find that the program requires full-time commitment. Added to this is that hour teaching load, joint programs more than the classic, non-exclusive programs (particularly for students' independent work).

But it pays off – a high level of training of students, their rather broad competence, good Practical readily pronounced adaptive capacity. – Are there any training courses? Yes, at the University of CROC is preparatory courses for admission to the program at the undergraduate level. Training takes place on Saturdays. Start dates – the second half of February. – Uses a program popular? As shown by a set of students into Bachelor of this program last year, it is interesting to many.

Came to us in basically strong, well-trained young people, many of them motivated. And this, perhaps, the success of the program. – Where can run alumni? That they will be able to, receiving diplomas Education? Graduates of the program generally work in large companies, often in joint ventures or foreign units of multinational companies. During the course of the Austrian part program, students gain knowledge in these areas: trade and distribution, marketing, product management, market research, procurement, logistics, finance and accounting, controlling, business law, intercultural management, etc. Acquired knowledge provide an opportunity to work in positions of manager of trade marketing of international concern, head of sales of international concern, product manager at international level, the consultant financial sector of the international level, etc. – Can students to train in Austria? Where are the practices? Academic agreement signed by the universities, provided a mutual exchange of students. Exchange implies, in particular, semestral training and a semester internship. In the first semester of this academic year, two second-year undergraduates were trained in Austria, in the second semester of the first two Masters Course will go to the semester teaching at the University of IMC. Places for practical training may be provided by the University of CROC, or offered by the students. CROC as objects of practice chooses relevant ministries and agencies, and large Ukrainian and foreign companies. Candidates for internship in their favor, as a rule, non-working students. Those who are employed, most are practices at their workplace, but in accordance with the rules adopted in the IMC. – What would you wish for this year's high school graduates who want to enroll in higher education? Do not make the wrong choice. Your choice of a foundation your future prosperity and well-being of your families and the welfare of the country. Approach to the choice not on impulse, and conscious. Remember that the country's universities are waiting for motivated, motivated, trained, thoughtful, hardworking students. Make every effort to meet these requirements. University of CROC and his Ukrainian-Austrian program are ready to work with you. I wish you success! Source: Case – Immigration and Higher Education abroad

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