American Oil Revolution

The U.S. Government called it a milestone. Dallas, 21.11.2013. For the first time in 20 years, the United States have promoted more petroleum than imported. The oil market is turned on its head and be reignited speculation about falling oil prices.

The White House confirmed: the oil production of the United States was in the last month to the highest level for 24 years. Experts estimate that the United States already by 2015 the largest nation in oil flow will be around the world. The country is on the way to energy independence and seems behind Saudi Arabia and Russia. “Eugen Weinberg, commodities analyst at Commerzbank, sees the optimism of US fit: America has its energy transition ‘ managed ‘. This is the biggest change to the oil market for 40 years, as oil in the North Sea has been discovered. And this development will have a significant impact on the prices,”the analyst said. Also interesting he considered the development of OPEC: either would have to Countries such as Saudi Arabia, the Iraq or Venezuela about produce 20 percent less oil or satisfy themselves with a price per barrel of oil (159 litres) of 50 to 70 dollars.

A such low price would however cause difficulties, since the bloated budgets of OPEC countries needed a price of at least $100 a barrel.” In the past five years, the production of natural gas in America by 30 percent has risen, oil production by 50 percent. A major cause of this increase is the fracking, which was confirmed by the White House. The fracking allows the development of new deposits and the reopening of disused occurrence. The possibility of shale gas and non conventional oil”, for example olsande, to be able to promote to comparatively low costs, is the biggest innovation of the 21st century, says Daniel Yergin, energy specialist and Professor of Economics at the University of Cambridge. In addition it succeeded manufacturer through appropriate regulations to get to produce cars with low consumption. But now observers deem the current supply of oil higher as the demand. So far, the price of oil has declined hardly this year. A barrel (159 litres) of North Sea Brent cost around 108 dollars on Thursday, at the beginning of the year, there were 110 dollars. Also for investors, such as those of AMTEX GmbH, the topic of new energy power United States is relevant. Will receive shares of the conveyors and the fossil fuels in the ground for the proposed capital namely. The ownership of the assets entered in the County Court, the equivalent of the German land register Office, binding. It participates so obtained gas and oil revenues in the United States. Also in relation to the subsidised commodity quantities, AMTEX provides full transparency its investors. Investors can check the results of their source in the Internet at any time. For more information,

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