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Who wants to make sure his house against storm, hail, and other damages should compare the offers with the new homeowner Insurance Calculator on and thus save hundreds of euros. Vienna, July 13, 2012 many homeowners are currently massively affected by weather disasters. And an end to the vagaries of the weather is not. A home insurance is therefore an essential protection for every homeowner. In addition to the protection of the building, the grounds and the garden with regard to forces of nature, fire and water outlet and the protection of the contents of the apartment and a private liability protection in the home insurance are included in as part of a household insurance. The premiums compared to large price achievement gap on the market that have experts of the consumer portal and found large differences in price and performance in a home insurance comparison. So for example the insurance for a single-family home in Salzburg with a living area of 240 m2 including basement and medium facilities costs” between 474,- and 828,-. This corresponds to a difference of 75%.

Differences in larger and/or higher quality houses or buildings with outdoor facilities such as swimming pools or solar systems are even bigger. In any Division the differences in product design and the rewards are as big as in the home insurance”, says Reinhold Babu and Michael Doberer from Through the clever selection of the right product and the comparison of the offers on the market homeowners can save easily several hundred euros a year, often with better coverage than in the existing contract. Everyone should constantly check therefore his contract. The savings through a cheaper home insurance financed loose. a phone for the kids or a broadband connection” New home insurance calculator launched since Friday today a new online calculator for home insurance is offered on

Currently, 9 tariffs of Austrian provider are shown in this home insurance calculator. Babu: Our interactive calculator for home insurance leads the consumer simply and intuitively by comparing home insurance. We query exactly the shape of the building, surfaces and facilities we make sure that a sufficient insurance cover is provided and all important covers are included. The home insurance comparison can be obtained under insurance. Tips for the home insurance the experts at have put together some tips for home insurance. Pay attention to sufficient funds to restore value, so that the insurance sum at a major loss is sufficient. Natural disasters such as landslides, floods and earthquakes are insured by a homeowner insurance by default only with a small amount (E.g. EUR 4.000,-). Through an advanced natural disaster coverage, this cover some providers can not expand, but typically up to the value of the building. Already during the construction phase a carcass cover insurance, so that Building is protected from the outset and also property liability cover exists (example passer-by injured himself on the sidewalk in front of the House, own pit brings neighboring houses to slip off, etc.). Periodically check whether the cover is still up to date and watch for arrival and tags, as well as an improved equipment. Respect for older contracts: the coverage E.g. in the context of the liability are no longer up-to-date circumstances. Deductibles to help save premiums. Depending on the provider, this can be up to 30% savings on premiums at a home insurance. The contract on the buyer enters a sale of the House, if the contract is cancelled prior to the sale. Both the seller and the buyer should make sure.

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