Life Learning

LEARNING for the life learning to learn the curriculum process developed in each of the different areas and technical specialties that make up our plan of study takes into account learning integral as learning to learn, learning to be, learning to do, to turn to believing and learning to live together. These lessons allow the livingness of the evangelists, of the Salesian teaching style, own criteria that make the Centro Don Bosco school, a workshop, a parish, a courtyard and a House that preparing for life. Academic coordination aware of the importance of the curriculum focused on learning for life, launched from space of Los Buenos Dias a training plan will be held bi-monthly in order to socialize students each learning outcomes of the curriculum of the Don Bosco Center, so that they integrate strategies for academic improvement. Learn to learn in many occasions in life we express that experience has left us knowledge that allow us to continue fighting for those ideals that we want make a reality. With this kind of statements we understand that there are people who have managed to integrate into your life knowledge, expertise and have developed skills that allow them to play a role. This type of learning self-directed and self motivated by the same person is what might be called learning to learn, that is the capacity that each person has of integrating in their development of life skills, values and knowledge that help you continue growing personal, family and professionally. This type of learning call it self-employed, because the same subject is who feel protagonist of their own training guides their intellectual and cognitive motivations to the pursuit of knowledge for life. From this point of view, we understand by autonomous learning process that allows students to be their own cognitive development author, choosing a personal strategies, resources, techniques and moments that it considers relevant to learn and put into practice what you have learned.

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