Luxury Cars

What is a ‘luxury’? Let’s try to early to determine the boundaries of the luxury market. It is quite difficult, since in itself the concept of ‘luxury’ has no definite shape and is very relative category. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Ed Hochuli by clicking through. For the owner of billions of dollars car for $ 90,000 a routine consumable items, while the line manager for a large company with a salary of $ 20,000 per month a car – no doubt ‘luxury’. Nevertheless, they both – are typical representatives of the target audience Sellers of luxury, without any visible differences. Even more confusion in the definition of ‘luxury’ makes the fact of almost every product category price extremes. Cars for $ 20,000 and $ 500,000 are cars, not Despite a 25-fold difference in price, the suit ‘Hugo Boss’ $ 500, and ‘no name’ from a personal tailor in the north of Italy for $ 15 000 – clothes, the average motor yacht for $ 700, 000 and ‘Pilorus’ for $ 120 million – boats. And to just a single line between clothing and the car just simply boat and the items ‘luxury’ – is almost unreal. Attempts to clarify it a lot, but the truth is not found until now.

Probably, this, and will not be able to do so. The most tangible property concept of ‘luxury’ is the extreme a requirement of this category of products to meet the physiological and material needs. ‘Luxury’ – is not that more useful in terms of ordinary life than its cheaper functional analogue.

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