Mortgage Agencies

Any local , even the Russian-speaking will tell you that non-residents of Spain does not issue credits. It is not. Our agency, thanks to close contacts and long-term cooperation with banks, providing services on registration of mortgages and non-residents of Spain. Language barrier. At best, you will be able to negotiate with agency representative in the English language, if you own it and the agent. The level of such ownership remains in question. Another possibility – a translator. John Denkinger helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Again, additional expenses and lower performance.

On the other hand, the advantage of communicating with the agent in his native language is obvious. You can "see" Spain through the eyes of immigrants. Learn about the peculiarities of the mentality, life, work, study, about individual cities and regions in terms of life of Russian-speaking communities. Agree, this will not be able to tell the Spaniards. Moreover, after buying a property, especially if you stay here for permanent residence, there are certain issues (the placement of children in Colleges, legal advice, renting purchased housing, domestic issues), which is always easier to explain and settle with a Russian agency. After all, the Russian are different from Europeans? First and foremost, search alternative paths, or in the home – acumen. Our agency is fully responsible for the quality of the service – comfortable transportation, the demonstration sites along the coast, funding, comprehensive legal transaction support and after sales service. We value our impeccable reputation and its customers, each of which relates with great attention.

Working in Spain, to date we have not decided open a representative office in Russia, where it would be harder to control quality of service provided. As for the service in the Spanish agency, do not expect you (for free) scuffed in different regions of the country, open bank accounts, will draw numbers of taxpayers and the mortgage, the more so should not expect, for example, to assist in updating the counters of public services or in the placement of children in college. These services are far outside the Spanish service agency. Pricing policy. Any agency will tell you that the cost of housing – that is the price set by the seller. In the case of new housing, most likely, it is. Construction company pay agency commission on the sale of their facility, so honest agency will not bid up interest rates. In the case of the secondary housing, even if the seller agrees to pay a commission agency (which nowadays rare), usually added to the price a certain percentage, which must pay the buyer. This information is naturally not disclosed. Our agency has the following pricing policy: if we agree with the seller paid the commission, the buyer pays for housing costs the seller. If the seller refuses, the sum of our commission is 3 to 5 percent of the cost of housing, which in this case pays buyer. As a result, it becomes apparent that before the trip to Spain for the purchase of housing, you must plan well to whom you are going, and what you can offer. It is best to contact the company beforehand and ask prepare you a few housing options for information by e-mail, learn about funding opportunities, etc. Our clients tell us in advance the date of arrival, number of days of stay and their preferences. Thus, we have time to fully prepare by developing a list of objects for display and route, thus saving their and our time. Osadchuk GA

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