Starting Vehicle

Almost every vehicle owner sooner or later faces the need or the need for professional peer review of his car. Situations in which there may be need of such an assessment, vary. Thus, evaluation of the vehicle is made by: purchase and sale of vehicle funds at market value, with its lease, the calculation of collateral value for loans, leasing, with the division of property, with the introduction of inheritance transport the donation, with all sorts of trouble: an accident (to determine the cost of repair), or in determining the damages due to actions of third parties, or natural disaster, fire, flood, and so on. If a vehicle facility is owned by the company or organization as fixed assets, the peer review is needed to determine the starting price at the auction (for the purpose of privatization or transfer to trust). Also, evaluation is necessary when determining the customs value of vehicles, with the elimination of production (business) and if necessary, to sell vehicles, the development strategy company to determine the level of technical support, identifying opportunities for upgrading or replacing, at recycling and so on. To assess the vehicles used by all three approaches: comparative, lucrative and costly. Only to assess the most appropriate vehicle is considered acceptable and comparative approach. To assess the need to provide the following information: name, make, model, series, serial number, manufacturer's name, product data, inventory number, date of issue, date of purchase and date of commissioning, the main technical characteristics (according to the technical documentation) – power, weight, size, mileage.

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