It would have of raising the tests or more Alberto would not be called. To the measure that if calmed, it also alleviated the rhythm of the melody, finishing for touching ballads so soft that they delighted the ears of the neighborhood, pulling out the most diverse commentaries. During the reflection, it started to feel the evil to be that it feels in the police station, but looked for to concentrate in music, being involved in a compound of dream and reality, as at night. In the thought to go to the barrage, it was left to involve for music, with intention to calm itself, when, suddenly, it jumped of the twig and it heard behind itself an unusual noise in the rind of the twig. It looked at, still lowered, and it saw the rind to be pulled out by the nothing, good to its coasts. It perceived, in a glance what it happened and rolled for the soil.

It freed the guitar and it was occulted behind the abacateiro. Observing around, it tried to locate the shooter, knowing of beforehand that the used weapon would not hear no shot therefore had to be armed of silencer. It waited property per some seconds, but it only heard the racket of one few cars that passed and a snore stronger than seemed to be of a tractor truck or. It gave little importance and, perceiving that the sly shooter to that hour of the morning could not give itself to the luxury to attack a commission agent and to remain much time in the place and discovered being, a little was risked and seeing that the way was free, apanhou the guitar and ran to all speed for inside of house, kept the instrument and, disdaining all the laws of proper security, ran to the city hall. It entered in the building, but it was felt frustrate when passing for the Secretariat of Workmanships, therefore the Dr. .

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