Santo Domingo

Chvez noticed that its country would trim the fluid commerce with Colombia or that it would nationalize the companies of the nationals of this republic in his country. Colombian president, as well, retruc that his homologous Ecuadorian had gained the elections of his country with money of the CRAF (to which continued protecting), that Venezuela sheltered to the head of the CRAF in its territory and that would put under Chvez to international the penal court under accusations of accomplice with genocida terrorism. This verbal aggression, that happened in rupture of relations and mobilization of cash, ended an adjustment in XX the Summit of the Group of River Friday 7 in Santo Domingo. There one saw the president of Colombia narrowing the hands of those of Venezuela, Nicaragua and Ecuador. The possibility of going to a war is something that always we discarded then Colombia has an ample superiority (two to four uniformed times more than their two neighboring together tricolors and are number one in the region in helicopters and experience battle). While Bogota is not interested in an external war (it must solve his intern), Caracas and Quito do not have the capacity nor the will to wage war external, the same that, as well, or it could have left the hands to all triggering the outcrop of new urban or rural revolutionary movements or of new paramilitary groups. To this conclave all the agent chief executives or governments of Latin America had gone (less Cuba) more Guyana and a rotating representative of the Community of the Caribbean. Cristina Kirchner, president Argentine, had lashed to some of the contributor men in said trifulca like more hysterical than its sort, maintained that the illegal forces would have to be fought with the legality and that Latin America would have to stay like a free zone of unilateral practices.

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