World War II

With this definition one perceives that the development basically is characterized by habits, customs and thoughts of a people who if develops more with passing of the time than he presents for its nation a growth. No development can come of is for inside, mainly, of form imposed eliminating the particularitity and characteristic of each one. What more it has been observed in modern society is an imposition of development of the countries developed in relation to the developing countries. Will be this the real direction of development? It will be that this type of development brings greater dignity to the human being? She will be this only or the best way to contribute for the improvement of the worthy conditions of life it human being? The importation of desenvolvimentistas models has resulted in enormous failure for the majority of the world-wide population. It is from World War II, that grows the interest on the models of economic growth. The necessities, goals and participation of the human being had been kept out of society in benefits of the macroeconomic objectives.

The expansion sped up and uninterrupted of the internationalization of the capitalist economy, the growth of the commerce, configured a process of selective integration of some peripheral countries of the world-wide economy, incorporated to the plans of expansion of the capital by means of a new international division of the work. This process it is also marked by loses without candidates of the capacity of the power of the State. The internal decisions of each country depend and large-scale of the international decisions, each time more, is bigger the dependence, of the developing countries, in relation the great corporations and to the foreign capital.

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