SPA Business

In Russia today, in the SPA of the equipment, as usually are present steam and sauna (thermal zone). High temperatures and hot air can effectively clean and prepare the body for further proceedings. Actively used by different types of therapeutic Equipment: whirlpool baths and showers (shower experience, Vichy). Some use the SPA-contrast and cooling procedures (Kneipp path, ice fountain, etc.). Such procedures are well-toned body, stimulate circulation and immune system. Also, almost any variety of present SPA capsule (microclimatic system). Proper arrangement of data items of equipment (due to the expected range procedures and technologies for their implementation, organization and conceptual schemes klientopotokov zoning) can provide a wide range of professional SPA-procedures. Choosing one or another SPA-equipment necessary to consider its versatility, reliability and ease of use, visual aesthetics and, of course, the highest quality and latest technology in its production.

But this concerns SPA-full of businesses with a fairly large area and require significant investment of funds. In the salon and wellness business, in most cases, the situation is somewhat different. Procedures with the prefix SPA there, but very SPA (atmosphere, comfort, decent quality and range of services), unfortunately, no. According to studies in Moscow and St. Petersburg markets, beauty salons, with a Infrastructure SPA-zone of the equipment most commonly used: the couch massage (therapeutic area) – 61%; different capsules (conventionally air-conditioning and therapeutic area) – 18%; whirlpool baths (therapeutic and conventionally wet area) – 11% per capita (contrast and conventional therapy, moist areas) – 7%; steam room, sauna, barrels, etc. (Thermal zone) – 3% (these definitions are based on the position of zoning SPA-services companies).

There are many reasons. But the main, at least, for Moscow and St. Petersburg (based on interviews conducted), are the lack of available space and resources. This situation leads to the fact that the territories Salons Beauty is used discrete units of certain equipment by themselves, without complying with the concept of SPA, technology, and the sequence of SPA-procedures, ie violated a basic principle of SPA – improvement, harmonization and comfort.

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