Statute Cities

STATUTE OF the CHILD AND the ADOLESCENT a new approach for the question of the treatment to infancy and youth Recognizes as important and indispensable the application of the Statute of the Child and the Adolescent, but for the true effectiveness of its ampler implementation they are demanded measured of character social and objective, who act of form to support the citizen, authorizing to it the necessary conditions for stimulating improve its quality of life and the consequent change of its behavior before its family and the society. The E.C.A conscientiously implanted will consist in the efficient instrument for the development and consolidation of a concept of citizenship in perfect accord with the principles and objectives enunciated in the Great Letter. STATUTE OF the CHILD AND the ADOLESCENT SUGGESTIONS FOR DEBATE In the year where the complete ECA 21 years an evaluation of what it was carried through in them leads obligatorily to an important and inevitable constatao: we need leaning over in them on the context of this valuable instrument to understand accurate extension and depth of its objective; to eliminate the strangulation points that had so far made impracticable its effective implantation; in them to involve decidedly in works and action aiming at to its correct application. Law 8069/90 is good and aims at to raise the social condition of children and adolescents, as well as of its families, but the intention esbarra in difficulties generated for diverse factors. All an administrative and legal structure was created with the best one of the intentions: Conanda (National Advice); CEDCA (state Advice); City council of Rights; Advice To tutor; Courts of Infancy and Youth; Promotorias de Justia, all involved ones in the search of the implantation of this new vision that the ECA intends to implant and to incorporate the Brazilian reality. Let us consider, however, the social conditions and economic-financiers of the country and, for extension, of the families: 1) We have a high tax burden and in the distribution of the resources the parcel biggest is for the Government Federal; 2) As the distribution of the collected sum the population of each one is made through views to the cities, considering, the transferred values is irrisrios for the small cities if to consider that: 2.1) Of the 5570 Brazilian cities around 4200 (more or less 75%) they possess inferior population the 20 a thousand inhabitants each one; almost the totality of them shows aspects of absolute poverty.

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