Supreme Court

And now – the answer. The first thing they told me that I remember (), That I have to handle it. And second, that even if I have private and personal property in the area to compete with akimat very difficult, it's fifty-fifty. Surprised at these words, I came out of the room for lawyers, empty-handed, then there is no result in the loss. A perplexed that's why. As a performing certain duties, to attend meetings of the Supreme Court of the Republic of as a defendant instead of the retired vice chairman of the village council. It was about the claims in the service apartment the husband of his wife, who left her with a baby in the Caucasus to the mother. In the Caucasus, a young mother with a baby lived a year or more.

During this time the husband got a new, official site for its new service. A former utility worker was allocated to the family of a kindergarten that same institution. Attending the hearing. The Chairman asked for a new owner of the apartment: "Have you ever gone in an apartment that something happened?". She sincerely replied: "No, nothing, only the old unwanted children's clothes" Then the Supreme Court makes a decision, action to meet the service apartment, a warrant to write officer's spouse. Presiding turns to me and says, "And you'll remember for the rest of life that private property is inviolable, including children and old things. They are also private property, and issuance of a document to the apartment to another person illegally.

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