Mr Haack Where do you see the strengths and weaknesses in his trade? (C). Eichler: Mr Haack has a high expertise, a very large experience with over 25 years in the markets and can thus detect very fast current market correlations. He is the soft-facts also able,”over and over again to a successful puzzle to put together. Just the elusive sentiment and market psychology are frequently decisive criteria for the lasting success in the stock market. In addition, Mr Haack responds flexibly to market changes and not stubbornly sticking to a trade. Mr Haack succeeds even in difficult times to maintain his style and avoiding discards his trading strategies. Thus he returns again and again on the road to success, even if the markets temporarily irrational, or at least differently as often run.

Ability at an early stage to identify new trends or short-term turnaround, it happens again and again that Mr Haack speculated something too early in one direction. This ends with the one or other faulty trade, but usually it runs in the anticipated direction. Sometimes acts slightly too impatient Mr Haack and discards his positions before it runs into the port in the desired direction. This is the flip side of the addressed flexibility. These features include but unfortunately to become a good trader. had to can investors in the previous Tradinghistorie cope with what drawdown risk? C. Eichler: Average drawdowns in trading the Dax future lie in the range of 600 points, so 15,000 euros.

The 30% are related to an account size of 50,000 euros, an investor must not only expect, he has can handle easily, if he wants to participate in the trading of Mr Haack successfully in the long term. In the EuroStoxx, comparable drawdowns are to attract 4,000 euros. save what real effort the customer by offering subscribers, to translate the signals from Mr Haack on a managed account?

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