Saving Space On The Memory Card

Many of us use cameras have problems primarily save space. Built-in camera memory is never enough, so we must buy a memory card required volume. First of all, the question immediately arises – what to build into the machine memory size is still not enough to store at least as a significant number of photographs. The answer may give older model cameras which generally connectivity cards did not have, and stores all the information solely for internal memory. Time passed, there appeared the first type of memory card manufacturers began to incorporate into their models, this opportunity. However, those cards are still not allowed to refuse internal memory to store all the photos exclusively on the memory card, so we used simultaneously for both possibilities. Today, the volume modern memory cards has already reached tens of gigabytes and the use of onboard memory it makes no sense the presence of which is simply a relic of the past. Recently Jane Fraser sought to clarify these questions. But back to the main topic – buying a memory card is not mandatory and waste of money after buying the camera itself.

It is logical to assume that the less space is required for a picture so more pictures will fit on a memory card. All a matter of megapixels, the more of them in your camera, the more space will hold your photos, and the fewer photos you can do. For example, 8 megapixels (roughly 2362×3543) are designed to print photos to A4 size. Many people do not once in my life Photos of this size was not published and will not print. Do not worry, the specified number of megapixels on the body of your camera fortunately you can change.

But how much? Popular formats prints – 10×15 and 13×18 that corresponds to 2,1 (1181×1772) and 3.3 megapixels (1535×2126). Performing complex mathematical operations do not we get that change the default permission for one of these we can make a 4 and 3 times respectively more photos. The quality is not suffering and pictures open faster. That would confirm the theory in practice, we conducted an experiment – take a camera Sony T20 with 8 megapixels and memory cards 512MB and 1GB. Testing was conducted in the modes of 1181×1772 and 1535×2126. Results The following is shown below. Memory Card 512MB Resolution Size Number 2362×3543 3MB 170 1535×2126 1MB > 500 1181×1772 750Kb > 650 Memory Card 2GB Resolution Size Number 2362×3543 3MB > 650 1535×2126 1MB > 2000 1181×1772 750Kb > 2600 We can see that the number of photos on memory cards 512MB (1181×1772) and 2GB (2362×3543) the same and equal to 650. The conclusion that sometimes the replacement card to a new larger size or buying a new oversized simply do not sense. You save money without losing quality.


It is worth such a device is not too expensive, allows you to charge four batteries at a time, which is especially important for people who like to shoot in a long hike. I think comrade will be happy such a gift. If you require is not present "on occasion", but just a small Present, ideal pencil for wiping camera lens. Thing small, but agree quite need (especially if the photographer has small children who love to feel everything that comes their way). See Robert Kiyosaki for more details and insights. Lens periodically contaminated and wiped her improvised means uncomfortable and it is not recommended.

So as a nice little things for no reason, but "just" can come so convenient and practical thing. For both professionals and amateur photographers for a pleasant surprise to be given printer or photographic paper on which you can print out favorite pictures. Relevant to any amateur become a subscription to a journal devoted to the skill of photography. Maybe someone will object and saying that in modern times problem to buy any magazine on the way to work or home, this is not necessary to write it out. Absolutely true, but for some people, buying a monthly magazine goes into the category of luxury, and learn about new oh how the world of photography you want! So if you see how each erasure holes to hit him in the hands of specialized magazines, boldly drawn up on the name of the subscription – your gift will be remembered for a long time, at least until the end of this most subscribed. If one-footograf tends to leave the ranks of amateur and professional to become noticeable, then training in ftotoshkole – just what he needed.

Excellent and it may be that fateful gift. Above we have given examples of what you can donate an avid amateur photographer. Some – more expensive, something that – cheaper, something designed for professionals, but something – for those for whom the photo is just a hobby. We can not say that this gift will nice, and the bad. Each gift is nice if you attach a piece of their soul. And if your gift will bring pleasure to a man, believe that with you to fulfill someone's dreams!

Advertising Photography

Specialists in the creation of advertising photography in demand today than ever before – from an image on a poster in a magazine or catalog for 90% of the success of sales. There are several types of advertising photography – art macro photography of the subject goods to order and interior photography. Since these photographs are mainly used for commercial purposes, all kinds of work, one way or another, relates to advertising photography. Narrow specialization in the subject of photography – a great rarity. In most cases the photographer, who works in a difficult genre of advertising photography or poster photography, was a large school fotoportretistov, managed wedding photographer work in general, passed the fire, and water pipes.

Therefore, any area of professional advertising photography – the natural result of creative activity where you can stay on the most beloved and pleasant case. Proper subject photography used to capture the various equipment and goods, food, and any objects that require high-quality advertising photography for catalogs and booklets. Most Photographers love a subject photographed in a studio, where the object can be manipulated using all technical possibilities. However, the position of objects when shooting specialist and professional conduct substantive photography on the road, just have to take a little more equipment. The concept of advertising photography more widely – here we have to use all the experience in the field of interior photography, portraits, artistic photography and macro. Product advertising photography can be seen virtually everywhere – on billboards of outdoor advertising, in print advertising and printing.

Even the glamorous photos of models is directly related to the genre potrtetno and advertising photography. Specificity of the subject requires shooting from the master of deep knowledge of materials science and optics, as is necessary to work with parameters such as reflective and absorptive capacity of the surface of the object. Master the subject photography must also be a good designer and decorator – an essential part of quality is the macro backdrop. Specializes in advertising photography must be highly qualified photographer with an ideal artistic taste and directing flair, or a masterpiece will not work. The main direction of the studio is a professional advertising and subject photography for publication in the catalog, booklet or brochure. In our disposal a mobile professional photographic equipment for filming on the road. On visiting the equipment becomes possible to conduct surveys of clothing, food, drinks in your territory. Photography portfolio model or actor, as well as advertising photography can be done in the studio. We also cooperate with the rolling Agency, now for the filming of portfolios can be used historical and theatrical costumes.

IntelPentium Core

No, it is enough processor will be available from mid-range, which will be optimal in terms of price / performance. Pinterest shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. At the moment, if you have limited budget, then you fit processors IntelPentium Dual-Core E2180 (2.0GHz, 1MB L2), AMD Athlon 64X2 5000 + (2.6GHz, 1MB L2) or AMD Athlon 64X2 5200 + (2.7Ggts, 2MB L2). For the price, it's more processors budgetary level. In terms of performance, these processors are easily cope with rendering video, encoding, working in video editors and other resource-intensive tasks. If you have sufficient funds, then the optimal choice will be the following models: From Intel is IntelPentium Core 2 Duo E7300 (2.66GHz, 3MB L2) from AMD is the AMD Phenom X3 8450 (2.1GHz, 512KB x3 L2) which is great parallelizes intensive tasks, downloading with all three cores, or AMD Athlon 64X2 6000 + (3.06GHz, 2x 1MB L2). Motherboard. Choosing a motherboard is primarily confined to the properties of future CPU: need the same socket, and a compatible, preferably the most advanced, chipset (chipset). But in Basically, all sorts of extra gadgets and bells and whistles you do not to anything, so choose a quality motherboard from the middle price range.

The only thing that is desirable is the availability of on-board IEEE port for connecting digital cameras, but if not, no problem, this port can be bought separately, the benefit is it inexpensive. For processors from Intel, for systems budget level chosen motherboard chipset Intel P35 Express. To choose an optimal system motherboards on Intel P45 chipset with a bus bandwidth FSB> 2GHz.

A Bit About Photography

Photos are completely different – big and small, with images of children and adults, animals and birds, nature or just the outside world. And many of them while watching brings us great pleasure and cause admiration. And often there is a desire, for example, download photos to your desktop. It's so nice – every time a random glance at the monitor to see there favorite image. In general, many people simply brings pleasure photograph. It happens that the process itself is so relaxing, calming, interesting, that people simply forget about possibly existing in his life problems. Just try to take the camera in his hands and look at the surrounding your world through different eyes. And you do not necessarily have a professional apparatus.

In fact, even with the most common "tsifromylnitsy" You can get a very impressive and vivid imagery. Because the most common things or familiar to us in the nature of a particular approach in the future cause a storm of positive emotions when viewing the results of the survey. Just relax and do not hesitate to take pictures. Do not be afraid to get under some a tree or go down to a river. Ask people to pose for you. Remove any songs that you feel are interesting or just attract you. However, to obtain even more impressive results it would be nice use the advice of professionals in this field.

To do this, you can simply search the required information on the Internet – believe me, there it is more than enough, or familiar with any theme in literature. And already even with knowledge of the elementary rules of professional photography, you will be able to boast of stunning images. Just keep in mind tips for lighting, choice of place and time of day, examine the settings of their camera. Believe me, this will help you overcome the path towards success. Print photos better, of course, a shop, from professionals to the same desirable to select any one lab that will provide you with not only the system discounts, and proven quality. And finally, let us say: take pictures with pleasure, and share their work, bringing joy to themselves and others.

Learn To Create Animations In Photoshop

Learning create animations in photoshop Part One. Creating object. 1.1. Open document any size any color (I opened document 243h243 pixel with white background, color model RGB). 1.2. Draw line downstairs document using brushes 1 pixel. This would mean a surface that will help us to keep the picture on the same level. 1.3.

Create a new layer (Ctrl + Shift + N), call it number 1. 1.4. Create a fixed allocation of 130×130 pixels with a tool Note for those who do not know how to create a fixed allocation: in the settings of elliptical selection tool, select the Style (Style) from the dropdown list put option Fixed Size (fixed size), and in the windows W: and H: set number 130, that's how it looks: Fill the selection with any color (I am flooded with black). Deselect (Ctrl + D). Move the circle to our line tool we got: 1.5. Copy the layer (Ctrl + J) called '1 ', rename it to number 2. Turn off the display of layer 1, so that it does not interfere with us (ie, turn off the eye icon next to the icon layer) 1.6. Press Ctrl + T, or Edit-Free Transform (Edit-Transform). Narrow the edge of the circle, so to get an oval, or in settings tool put in the window parameter W: 92,3%. Tool a little lift up the oval, or not to deviate from the 'rate':) hit multiple times on your keyboard arrow up (one click means a shift of one pixel).